Ipsen shipped a TITAN H2 vacuum heat-treating system with 2-bar gas quenching to Costa Rica, where it will be used to manufacture surgical components. The vacuum furnace has an 18- x 24- x 18-inch all-metal hot zone with a 1,000-pound (450-kg) load capacity. It is capable of operating at temperatures of 1000-2400°F (538-1316°C) with ±10°F (±6°C) temperature uniformity. The order also included a gas backfill reservoir, a loader with 2,000-pound (907-kg) load capacity and a complete air-cooled, closed-loop water system.         

The furnace is equipped with the PdMetrics platform for predictive maintenance, which securely connects to a network of integrated sensors on the furnace to gather and analyze data, run algorithms and provide real-time diagnostics. The TITAN provides sophisticated monitoring of critical systems and key parameters that improve the health and integrity of the equipment.

The customer also ordered Ipsen’s full-scale support offerings with Ipsen U training, a spare-parts kit and installation/start-up support to maximize uptime.