Oerlikon Metco acquired the assets, technologies and key people from Canada’s Recentis Advanced Materials Inc., a start-up company that develops technologies to master materials manufacturing at high temperatures. These technologies will enable Oerlikon Metco to produce powder materials requiring melting or alloying temperatures above 5792°F (3200°C) and/or requiring high-purity properties. Oerlikon Metco also acquired the know-how and IP rights for the production of fully alloyed carbides that can be tailored in density to pair with a metal matrix featuring excellent impact-wear properties in combination with high abrasion resistance.

According to Oerlikon Metco, the acquired technologies expand its manufacturing capabilities; open new applications in markets such as aerospace, steel, oil and gas, mining and power; and increase its ability to offer enhanced solutions to critical wear problems. The company will further develop the technologies to leverage their benefits.