Lindberg/MPH shipped two gas-fired, immersion-tube lead melting and holding furnaces to a supplier of the battery industry. The furnaces, which will be used in the production of lead plates for automotive batteries, each have a maximum temperature rating of 900°F. The front process wells are 2 feet, 6 inches wide x 15 feet, 2 inches long x 3 feet, 3 inches deep. The carbon-steel-plate welded design of this system facilitates energy-efficient melting and holding of the lead and precise temperature control of the company’s casting process.

Each furnace incorporates 18 immersion tubes, each with its own burner and ratio regulator control. The molten-lead capacity is equivalent to 290,000 pounds, and the system is rated at 6,000,000 BTU/hour. Each furnace is controlled by a programmable logic controller and includes a touchscreen HMI. These furnaces also include a sow platform for safe loading of the lead ingots and sows into the bath.