Steve Braddock, CEO of Braddock Metallurgical, passed away on Feb. 16 at the age of 69.

After serving as a medic in the United States Navy, he joined his father and brother Bill at Braddock Heat Treating in Bridgewater, N.J.  Steve and Bill took over the business in 1971 and eventually opened a second location in Jacksonville, Fla., in 1984. Over the years, the business has grown into Braddock Metallurgical, an industry-leading commercial heat treater with eight locations in Atlanta, Ga.; Charlotte, N.C.; Tampa, Fla.; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Boynton Beach, Fla.; and Bayamon, Puerto Rico. 

Braddock Metallurgical is now under its third generation of family ownership with Steve’s sons Clay and Griff.