Lindberg/MPH shipped an aluminum central melting, tilting reverberatory furnace to a die-cast supplier of the transportation and industrial markets. The furnace, which has a maximum temperature of 1500°F (815°C), will be used to melt aluminum used in the die-cast process. It is loaded with aluminum ingot, T-bars and scrap, which are then melted with natural-gas-fired burners and held for pouring. The furnace is mounted on a cradle to tilt and pour the molten aluminum through an insulated trough. The aluminum melt rate is 2,000 pounds per hour.

This furnace will be capable of delivering molten aluminum to a transfer trough without needing auxiliary pumping equipment. Metal and chamber temperature is controlled through digital temperature controllers that have Ethernet capability. Flue gases and internal temperature are controlled with a modulating flue damper.