Solar Atmospheres of Western PA recently added an all-molybdenum hot-zoned vacuum furnace. The stainless steel chamber with a 24-inch-wide x 24-inch-high x 36-inch-deep hot zone rated at 2500°F is equipped with an oversized pumping system. Unlike other vacuum furnaces, this pumping system has a series of isolation valves that concentrates the critical vacuum levels within the vacuum chamber. This furnace was built exclusively for the critical materials often encountered in the aerospace, medical and semiconductor markets, which are sensitive to vacuum levels and the potential contact of carbon particles.

To enhance the unshielded processing of critical parts at vacuum levels lower than 5 x 10-6 Torr without any contamination, Solar Atmospheres will construct an environmentally controlled room surrounding the furnace. It will be temperature, humidity and positive-pressure controlled to aid in eliminating water vapor, dust and debris concerns. According to Solar Atmospheres, the furnace will enable it to guarantee bright, clean work.

The furnace was designed and built by Solar Manufacturing.