In the movie “Gladiator,” Russell Crowe’s character, Maximus, makes a powerful statement right before he enters battle with his fellow gladiators. He said, “Whatever comes out of these gates, we have a better chance of surviving if we stick together. We stay together, we survive.”

In looking to the future, the same can be said for any industry in manufacturing. As we move into 2017, the world of manufacturing and heat treating continues to change faster than at any other time in our history, creating a new economy for everyone.

Change is going to take place in the commercial, captive and supplier base of the heat-treating industry in the next three years like we have never seen before. Areas to watch:

  • CQI-9 revisions will be released.
  • New revisions to AMS 2759 and slash specifications will be released.
  • New checklists for Nadcap audits will be launched with new specifications.
  • ISO changes will take effect.
  • Consumer buying habits are changing faster than ever.
  • Emerging technologies are calling for capital investment.
  • Demographic shifts are creating challenges in the demand for workers.

Since 1933, the Metal Treating Institute (MTI) has been helping heat treaters and their suppliers thrive in the world of change. MTI is poised to do the same in 2017 and beyond. Keys to any heat-treating company thriving in the future will be:

  • Access to quality information
  • Sound management data
  • Technical training
  • Leadership development
  • Having a positive influence in the area of heat-treating specifications

MTI will be laser-focused in providing high-level resources in all of these core areas. With MTI, heat-treating businesses will be able to:

  • Enhance profits and productivity through MTI’s 2017 Business Intelligence Data Program
  • Have a voice in the specification review and design process with Nadcap, AMEC, CQI-9 and ASTM
  • Have a clear outlook for future sales with MTI forecasting for the next one, two and three years
  • Experience increased employee effectiveness through quality technical training
  • Control plant costs through cost metric benchmarking
  • Have access to an industry support team in the areas of quality, metallurgical support, environmental and safety

These are just a few ways MTI is working to unite the heat-treating industry to meet challenges head on and create opportunities for the future. MTI’s true strength lies in its members, who volunteer their time and resources as part of committees and task forces, as well as those who serve on our Board of Trustees. MTI now has over 100 individuals serving to enhance the foundation and growth of the heat-treating industry.

Remember, as an industry, no matter what challenges come our way, if we stick together, we will thrive.