PhoenixTM received an order from a major Mexican auto-parts manufacturer for a hot-box system to measure the temperature profile of alloy steel blanks being preheated prior to the hot stamping process. The blanks, which are finally formed into structural body parts, travel through a continuous roller-hearth furnace at temperatures approaching 1740°F (950°C) prior to the hot stamping operation.

Clearance in the roller-hearth furnace is limited, so the hot-box thermal barrier needed to be low profile while being able to resist high temperatures for a specified processing time. The data logger required a fast sampling interval with RF telemetry transmission of the data so that the temperature profile throughout the process could be seen in real time. The company was able to replace its long trailing thermocouple system, which required a complex setup, with a system that could be easily loaded onto the furnace with normal production following behind. This means that multiple profiles can be quickly taken when setting up a new product.