C.I. Hayes, a Gasbarre Furnace Group company, recently installed multiple “Solitaire” conveyor-belt furnaces for annealing of precious metals to be used in the jewelry industry. The project consisted of three identical conveyor-belt furnaces, all manufactured and installed for the same customer. The furnace is equipped with belt widths of 6-12 inches and effective heat lengths of 27-72 inches. Four-sided heat surrounding the muffle provides excellent uniformity and power input with temperature capabilities up to 2100°F (1148°C).

Named for its compact design and initially developed for brazing and bright annealing of jewelry pieces, the “Solitaire” conveyor-belt furnace has found acceptance in markets requiring brazing and bright annealing of small, intricate parts. The furnace can be shipped as a single piece, fully assembled and with single-point connections for power, water and atmosphere.