Austria’s Hertwich Engineering, a company of the SMS group, received an order from Taiwan’s SuperAlloy Industrial Co. Ltd. (SAI) for the supply of a compact remelt plant for aluminum billets in sizes up to 305 mm (12 inches) in diameter and 7,000 mm (275 inches) long. The plant, which will have a capacity of 40,000 tons per year, will be commissioned in September 2017. The order includes a three-chamber melting and casting furnace with a capacity of 7 tons per hour.

The remelt plant will allow SAI to create an internal recycling circuit that includes every working step – from scrap melting through casting, quality control and up to packaging and consignment of the basic material to be re-used. It is designed to combine all the recycling work steps in a fully automated, continuously operated unit.

SAI supplies forged aluminum wheels for sports cars and aluminum chassis components.