Thermo-Calc Software AB and QuesTek International LLC  partnered to establish a joint company, QuesTek Europe AB, that will offer integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) modeling services and novel materials design and development to the European market. The new company brings together two global leaders in ICME and combines the proven Materials by Design methodology developed in the U.S. by QuesTek’s wholly owned subsidiary, QuesTek Innovations LLC, with the software and databases contained in the Thermo-Calc platform.

According to QuesTek CEO Aziz Asphahani, there has been an increase in funding from the European market to design novel advanced alloys and to optimize existing alloys in recent years. “A partnership with Thermo-Calc Software will allow us to accelerate the adoption of ICME technologies in a market that is eager for these services,” Asphahani said.

Dr. Anders Engström, Thermo-Calc Software’s CEO, said, “By partnering with QuesTek, we can now offer these highly sought-after services without detracting from our main priority of developing powerful, relevant, high-quality software and databases for materials engineering applications.”