Oman-based Moon Iron & Steel Co. (MISCO) contracted SMS group to build a new rebar production minimill. The steel complex, which will be the first of its kind in the Middle East region, is scheduled to begin operations in 2018. SMS group will supply a 140-ton electric-arc furnace, a 140-ton ladle furnace and a five-strand continuous billet caster. The steelworks will be able to produce 1.2 million tons per year of billets, out of which 1.1 million tons per year are rolled into rebar from 8 to 40 mm (0.315-1.6 inches).

SMS group developed continuous mill technology (CMT) for MISCO. With CMT, the direct linking of the rolling mill with the steelworks guarantees short distances. Rolling takes place without time lag by exploiting the casting heat. Instead of an oil- or gas-fired furnace, an inductive heating system is employed that does not reheat the billets but only equalizes the temperature profile. The induction heater offers perfect control of the starting temperature for the rolling mill according to the billet speed. This solution requires much lower investment costs. By eliminating the complete reheating stage, energy costs and the impact on the environment are markedly reduced.