In a furnace, the hot zone is crucial for the temperature distribution, cleanliness of operations and energy consumption of high-temperature processes. As a result, Plansee has developed three hot-zone equipment packages that cover the differing requirements of plant operators. An online configurator provides immediate access to prices, energy consumption values and equipment features.

In the Basic hot-zone package, the main materials are pure molybdenum and steel. This package is designed for moderate application conditions and frequency of use.

The Premium hot zone includes various design features and a number of material alloys that permit a particularly long service life and dimensional stability. Even after a very large number of cycles and at very high temperatures, there is no deformation or cracking evident. The temperature distribution is particularly uniform.

The Enerzone is designed for those that place the most exacting demands on their furnaces. It excels through its long-term durability and offers superior energy-efficiency thanks to its many additional layers of shielding and lightweight construction. In the case of extreme furnace use, the energy cost-savings can be seen very quickly.

Visit for more information on these hot-zone designs, which are available for new systems or as replacement units. All-metal hot zones from Plansee are used at temperatures over 1000°C (1832°F).