Tenaris Tamsa, a supplier of tubes to the worldwide energy industry, ordered a roller-hearth furnace from Danieli Olivotto Ferré for the heat treatment of carbon-steel tubes in a protective atmosphere.  A wide size range of tubes – 15-120 mm (0.60-4.7 inches) diameter and 3-16 m (9.8-52.5 feet) lengths – will be processed using different treatments, such as normalizing and tempering, ensuring low fuel consumption and low environmental pollution. Production capacity will be rated at 24,000 tons per year of tubes. The furnace will be installed at Tenaris Tamsa’s Veracruz plant in Mexico by January 2018.

During heat treatment, additional decarburization on the tube surface will be maintained below the minimum values required by international standards in an endothermic controlled atmosphere (40% N2, 40% H2, 20% CO), where both CO/CO2 and H2/H2O are continuously monitored. The contract includes automatic loading and unloading tables, heat-treatment furnace, normalizing cooling section and final water-jacket cooling chamber.