Lindberg/MPH shipped an atmosphere box furnace to a leading supplier for the medical device industry. The furnace, which is ideal for heat treating small batches of parts, was supplied with a programmable temperature controller and offers a broad temperature range of 1400-2050°F (760-1121°C). Work-chamber dimensions measure 12 inches wide x 18 inches deep x 12 inches high. A retort minimizes the amount of oxygen within the chamber by purging with nitrogen. To ensure quick heating and low heat storage, the furnace utilizes vacuum-formed ceramic-fiber insulation.

The furnace includes an alloy hearth plate and is heated by retained alloy resistive elements positioned on the roof, floor and both sidewalls to surround the workspace. It features a double-side-hinged insulated door plug that keeps the inner hot surface away from the operator when the doors are opened, and a door limit switch is in place for power cutoff when opening the doors to charge or unload the work.