Sandvik opened a fully automated ultrasonic testing facility for pipes dedicated to the oil and gas industry. According to Sandvik, the new facility provides the company with much speedier throughput and greatly enhanced testing capabilities. Ultrasonic testing was the limiting factor in achieving maximum output with the old facility. To solve this, Sandvik invested in both capacity and state-of-the-art technology to meet the industry’s toughest requirements for defect detection. The facility also builds on the strategic alliance between Sandvik and Tenaris on the joint supply of corrosion-resistant alloy OCTG materials to the oil and gas sector.

In other news, Proton Power Inc. was appointed winner of the 2016 Kanthal® Award by the jury at the prize ceremony in Nashville, Tenn., for its Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (CHyP) technology, which is ideal for clean-energy applications. Co-products are bio char, a highly effective soil amendment, and wood vinegar that can be used as an environmentally friendly pesticide.

“Proton Power has with their technology fulfilled the key criteria for the Kanthal® Award, to promote innovation, sustainability and benefits on a global scale,” said Dr. Dilip Chandrasekaran, head of R&D and technology at Sandvik Materials Technology and Chairman of the Jury. 

The Kanthal® Award includes a prize of $5,500, a statuette and a diploma. The prize is to be donated to a charitable organization that supports the same criteria the Kanthal® Award is based on – sustainability, health and safety. Proton Power will donate the award to Rotary International.