Starting with just a few salt pots, William Latiano and Frank Monaco founded Ohio Metallurgical Service (OHIOMET) in 1947 in Lorain, Ohio, to serve the thriving and diverse northeast Ohio manufacturing market.

It wasn’t long before the company moved into a larger plant in Elyria, Ohio, where it began adding vacuum, shaker and integral-quench furnaces.

In 1977, Don Gaydosh, who was the general manager at the time, purchased 70% of the company along with Jerry Pragg. Then in 1990, John Gaydosh followed in his father’s footsteps and took over OHIOMET and currently serves as president and owner. Both John and Don served multiple terms on MTI’s board of directors and participated on various committees over the past 40 years.

Today, there is no equipment remaining that looks like it did in 1990. Almost all equipment has been replaced completely. A few older furnaces are still in use, but they have been upgraded with modern controls.

Thanks to these new and upgraded furnaces, this longtime MTI member can perform a wide variety of services for industries including automotive, lawn and garden, power generation and aerospace. OHIOMET’s equipment and capabilities currently include:

  • Vacuum furnaces capable of 2-bar nitrogen gas quenching, bright age hardening, tempering and annealing. These furnaces are qualified to meet AMS 2759 specifications and are Nadcap accredited.
  • Integral-quench furnaces capable of carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening and normalizing. The largest operation for OHIOMET, they are qualified to meet AMS 2759 specifications and are Nadcap accredited.
  • Automatic and manual straightening machines integrated into furnace lines. OHIOMET boasts more automatic straightening machines than any other commercial heat treater and has the unique ability to automatically straighten many types of shafts directly after heat treatment.
  • Induction equipment with various frequencies for use on vertical and horizontal scanners, indexing and lift-and-rotate tables, and other custom-built machines for specific purposes.
  • Bell furnaces capable of atmosphere annealing and stress relieving.

OHIOMET also has a modern quality-control laboratory with multiple automated microhardness testers and a metallograph with digital imaging capabilities. The company’s quality systems are both ISO 9001:2008 and AC7004 certified, and the lab is Nadcap certified.

With over 55 full-time employees, OHIOMET has over 500 years of combined experience under one roof. The company prides itself on a willingness to meet difficult delivery requirements. As such, it schedules production based on customer need instead of a “first in, first out” policy.

OHIOMET is a business not afraid to evolve. The company added 12,000 square feet of workspace in a 2015 expansion project that included new induction equipment and tempering furnaces, increasing its heat-treat capabilities.

OHIOMET utilizes an infrared atmosphere control system that precisely monitors and controls the atmosphere present during heat-treat operations as well as a computerized recipe system that controls the time and temperature functions of its furnaces. New data-logging software allows practically infinite data to be stored onto the company’s network server during the heat-treat cycle, allowing access to historical and real-time furnace data.

After almost 70 years in business, this constant investment in equipment and controls has allowed OHIOMET to make its operations safer and more efficient and to produce higher-quality parts for its customers.

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