Ipsen recently shipped a global vertical (GV) vacuum furnace with 6-bar gas quenching to a commercial heat treater on the West Coast. The custom-built heat-treating system features a 60-inch-diameter x 60-inch-high (1,524-mm x 1,524-mm) graphite work zone and has an 8,000-pound (3,629-kg) load capacity. It operates at temperatures of 1000-2200°F (538-1204°C) with ±15°F (±8°C) temperature uniformity. The furnace is also equipped with a 35-inch diffusion pump and Ipsen’s CompuVac controls system.

In addition, this GV furnace is equipped with an argon and nitrogen gas cooling system with gas injection nozzles located 360 degrees around the perimeter of the hot zone as well as a variable-frequency drive on the gas cooling motor for controlled cooling. A spare-parts starter kit was also included to help users prevent unplanned downtime by supplying them with essential parts and consumables.