Hertwich Engineering received an order from Austria’s AMA for a single-chamber melting/casting furnace, including a charging machine. The furnace, which has a capacity of 55,000 tons of aluminum per year, is scheduled for commissioning in mid-2017. A joint development by AMAG and Hertwich, the tiltable furnace used for melting is able to also take over the function of a casting furnace if necessary. Two pairs of regenerative burners are installed above the melting bath level for heating. An oxygen regulation system and separate regulating systems for natural gas and combustion air are provided. An electromagnetic pump ensures thorough metal circulation, constantly high melting performance and homogeneous temperature distribution.

In other news, AMAG ordered two batch homogenizing furnaces from Hertwich Engineering. The furnaces, which will be commissioned at the end of 2016 and early in 2017, each have a capacity of 200 tons. These two furnaces will combine with three others commissioned in 2014 and earlier this year to form one complex as part of AMAG’s rolling-mill expansion.