Bonnell Aluminum, a subsidiary of Tredegar Corp., announced that at approximately 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, June 29, there was an explosion in the casting area at its plant in Newnan, Ga. The facility immediately notified local emergency responders and implemented its emergency response plan, which prompted an evacuation. A total of five people were injured in the accident. Two were airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, and three were transported to the local hospital.

The explosion took place in a casting area that is separated from the rest of the manufacturing plant. In addition to conducting interviews with those in the area, Bonnell is working closely with local authorities and state regulators to determine the exact cause of the explosion. A structural engineering firm has inspected the entire location and determined that the rest of the plant is structurally sound and safe to operate. Bonnell has made the determination that the casting area will remain shut down until the investigation is complete.