AFC-Holcroft received two orders from a Tier 1 automotive supplier located in the Midwest for the supply of heat-treating equipment related to the processing of aluminum. The first order consists of a roller-hearth homogenizing furnace to be used for processing aluminum products. The complete system includes a multi-position loading table, multi-position furnace, cooling station and multi-position unload table. The second order is for a solution heat-treat line, which will also be used for processing aluminum products. This system will include charge and discharge transfer cars, a multi-position solution furnace, water quench system, multi-position age furnace, multi-position accumulation charge and discharge tables, accumulation cross-over mechanism and tray pull-off station.

In addition, AFC-Holcroft will supply its Remote Diagnostic Service™ during the furnace warranty period. This service provides a complete remote monitoring and diagnostic package, including transmission and analysis of machine data, targeting the most common or noteworthy events and identifying root causes. It transmits data automatically to AFC-Holcroft’s secure servers, eliminating the time and cost associated with manually gathering historical data for the same purpose.