Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania and Solar Manufacturing are close to completing construction on what they say is the largest vacuum furnace in the world. The working hot zone of this high-vacuum furnace is 80 inches in diameter x 48 feet long with a maximum operating temperature of 2400°F. Thirty five points of temperature will be surveyed to within +/- 10°F per AMS 2750E specification. The U.S. patented dual-load-car design will have the capacity to transfer up to 150,000 pounds of material in and out of the furnace. For dimensionally critical, near-net-shaped jobs, the dual-load-car design will also have the capability to maintain the critical support needed at elevated temperatures to keep parts flat to within .030 inch.

All of the major components have been delivered and installed. The gas and water systems are in place.  The remaining installation of all the electrical components and wiring will occur over the next several weeks. The project is expected to be completed in June, with commissioning of the furnace into production scheduled in July.