H.C. Starck will invest in state-of-the-art processing capabilities to manufacture specialized refractory-metal powders for additive manufacturing. With this new technology, H.C. Starck’s Fabricated Products Division (FPR) now offers spheroidized refractory-metal powders with tailored chemistry and particle size distribution. The Newton, Mass.-based company‘s core competencies – molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and tungsten in pure and alloyed powder forms – will take advantage of this process.

H.C. Starck’s new powder products are engineered for enhanced processability and product performance when utilized with additive-manufacturing techniques such as binder jet, directed energy deposition and powder-bed fusion. The inherent spherical shape of H.C. Starck‘s powders results in improved flowability and high apparent density. The company says it is working with customers in several industries, including medical and industrial imaging, nuclear and thermo-nuclear energy, and various aerospace-related components.