America is living in a sad political state with corruption, ineptitude and bad behavior on the part of almost all the presidential candidates. We need to examine two candidate’s actions that many in the public know little about because the facts are being distorted by politicians and mainstream media.

Donald Trump has shown himself to be crude and unrefined from the outset of this campaign. Wife-shaming vulgarities are not appropriate. Snide remarks made publicly to a female reporter and referring to women as “fat pigs” is not presidential. It is evident from several psychiatric reports (Sam Vaknin interview in March’s “American Thinker”) that Trump has personality problems. Notice that every time he talks about “making America great again” he has no specifics about how, just generalities that are outside the prerogatives of what a President can do. The same is true about building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. It is stupid to think that Mexico will cooperate to build a 1,925-mile wall of suitable height. (America has laws that exclude illegal aliens, but we do not enforce them.) 

Various polls show Trump lagging behind Hillary Clinton (54-36 or 50.4-39 in late March); only Walter Mondale in the 1984 election lost by as much as 10 points. Look at favorable/unfavorable ratings. Clinton stands at 44/53, or 9 points under water, while Trump is 29/68, or 39 points under water. It depends on who takes whatever poll, but on balance it is not favorable for Trump. His rise to popular presence was shining the light of public disapproval on federal-government incompetence and ineptitude in all branches. As I write this piece on April 1, a nice summary comes to mind by a political columnist: “Trump is the Titanic. Cruz is the lifeboat.”

Clinton, however, has worse problems than Trump. In the politically correct environment we have, her “e-mail gate” is not going away, and that is pursuant to provisions of the Espionage Act and law defined as Title 18, Section 2071. She knew very well what the rules were. Her office was an SCIF (secure compartment information facility). Clinton and her staff’s gross mishandling of classified information from the State, Defense and National Security Agency is obvious as is the known requirement to account for all classified information at the time of leaving an office where access to such information is provided. And there are many other people involved in the process of disregarding national security requirements. 

It is quite evident that Sid Blumenthal was instrumental in “passing along” information. It is clear Blumenthal transferred reports with classified data from State and other controlled sources to Clinton’s private server, something that is blatantly illegal. There is also evidence that this was all assisted by Tyler Drumheller, formerly with the CIA and a Blumenthal “friend.” And there is strong reason to know that, during times these illegal actions were under way, Clinton’s server was hacked by various foreign “unfriends.”

America is now at the juncture of what happens next. It is obvious that Clinton, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Obama have a treacherous path ahead. If they continue to abet this denial and elect to ignore or avoid upholding the law, it is speculated by knowledgeable people that FBI Director James Comey or people at the FBI with information may decide to approve a “leak fest” so that a public outcry for resolution of this debacle can be assured. As one reporter has indicated, the Administration (President Obama, Lynch and Valerie Jarrett) will have to decide which is worse: allow the indictment of the party’s presumptive nominee or risk their own Watergate, one that has significantly greater impact and consequence.

The Code says that “whoever ... removes, conceals ... any record … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both” and “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.” This is straightforward. The dimbulbs, however, have no interest in understanding the truth. So, what should John Q. Public do as a step toward remedy? How about everybody call their Congressman and Senators and speak bluntly. Call your closest FBI office and complain that upholding the law is their job. Run ads in newspapers. Make a stink.

The choice of who should be President is similarly difficult. I liken it to being compelled to select a disease. You get to pick cholera or bubonic plague ... knowing that you are going to get sick with either.