Wisconsin Oven Corp.

The Express Batch Oven (EBO) is a standardized batch oven that offers premium quality and quick delivery at a competitive price. Available in 26 sizes, in either electric or gas models, the EBO is ideal for powder coating or finishing applications. The EBO can also be used for other applications such as drying, epoxy curing, bonding, metal finishing, varnish curing, baking, adhesive curing and more. The EBO is designed with heavy-duty construction and high-quality components. Roof-mounted blowers save on valuable floor space. The recirculation system features a combination airflow pattern that can be fully adjusted via the return and supply ducts to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity. The EBO is fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment to help reduce installation and start-up times. It is also backed by Wisconsin Oven’s five-Year WOW™ warranty, which covers all materials and components (less wear items).