Service Center Metals (SCM) of Prince George, Va., placed an order with Hertwich Engineering to supply a compact-type remelt plant for the production of extrusion billets. The equipment processes post-consumer scrap in a continuous, automated process to produce high-grade logs up to 14 inches (356 millimeters) in diameter. The plant, which has a capacity of 45,000 metric tons/year, is scheduled to begin operation by the end of 2016. It combines all the working steps, from melting the scrap to the bundled logs, in one continuous material flow process. The scrap will be melted in an Ecomelt PS-type melting furnace.

SCM operates two extrusion lines. For the recycling of scrap – both its own and from outside – to produce billet for extrusion in its own presses, the company set up a compact-type remelt plant with an output of at least 30,000 metric tons/year in 2014. This order will be the second plant. Hertwich Engineering, a company of the SMS group, is based in Austria.