We have discussed Industrial Heating’s directories in this space in past issues. Seeing as how this issue contains our annual Aftermarket Directory –
and we’re just a month removed from our annual Commercial Heat-Treat Capabilities Directory – now is a good time to revisit the subject once again.

There is another reason this is a good time to focus on this topic. Industrial Heating recently launched our online directories on a new e-publishing platform. Why should you care about this news? Well, here are just a few of the improvements gained from the transition:

  • Visitors can now select single or multiple companies and request more information.
  • Fewer clicks for the visitor to get to company listings and products.
  • Product photos now appear in a slideshow format.
  • Improved search to include all keywords on a listing.
  • Visitors can move around more easily to see different categories quickly and efficiently.

For those that need a refresher, Industrial Heating offers four directories throughout the calendar year: Commercial Heat-Treat Capabilities (March), Aftermarket (April), Manufacturers/Product Buyers Guide (July) and Materials Characterization and Testing Equipment (November).     

What is important to note is that all four of these products are available in their entirety online (www.industrialheating.com/directories). These directories are constantly updated so that you have access to correct, up-to-date information.

The move to a different platform was made to better accommodate you, the visitor. The online directories exist as resources that visitors can utilize any time of the day, any day of the week. We want to make the experience of buying equipment and finding suppliers as easy and pain-free as possible. These directories are updated regularly to ensure the most recent – and correct – information is available. 

Commercial Heat-Treat Capabilities

Find a commercial heat treater that can handle your heat-treating needs. You can search by company, state, keyword or capability (e.g., annealing, brazing, carburizing, etc.). You can also submit an info request to talk to a company offline. This online directory had almost 36,000 page views in 2015.

Aftermarket Services

Find a supplier that can provide aftermarket parts and services for your industrial furnace system. Search by company, state, keyword or application (e.g., ancillary equipment, compliance, energy conservation, etc.). You can also submit an info request to talk to a company offline.

Equipment/Manufacturers Buyers Guide

This directory is the industry’s most comprehensive resource for locating equipment suppliers for nearly any high-temperature thermal-processing equipment system, component and/or supplies. Search by company or look up a particular equipment category (e.g., Furnaces, Ovens and Kilns; Controls, Instrumentation and Testing Equipment, etc.).

Materials Characterization & Testing

Search for manufacturers of testing equipment. A comprehensive list of products in the left-hand column provides a list of the suppliers you need to contact.


Remember, these online directories are a resource – and not just people looking for goods and services. If you’re an equipment supplier, visit these pages and list your company for free. You can even upload photos and spec sheets. Take the time to check out our newly modified online directories. You won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer.