SECO/WARWICK Europe will supply its FineCarb LPC vacuum furnace with 25-bar high-pressure gas quench (HPGQ) and two vacuum brazing furnaces to Heat Treatment Australia. To complete the heat-treat cell, SECO/WARWICK Europe will also supply two nitrogen/air tempering furnaces. The 25-bar HPGQ and one vacuum brazing system will be shipped to Heat Treatment Australia’s Brisbane facility, and the second vacuum brazing system will be installed at the company’s new Los Angeles, Calif., facility.

The two vacuum brazing furnaces are equipped with a stainless steel heating chamber and six temperature control zones in order to guarantee temperature uniformity within +/-3°C as required by AMS 2750E, class 1. Both furnaces will be equipped with a diffusion pump and a working zone that can accommodate loads with dimensions up to 900 mm (36 inches) wide x 700 mm (28 inches) high x 1,200 mm long (48 inches). 

The FineCarb furnace, which will be used to heat treat aerospace parts, will meet AMS 2750E, class 2 requirements with instrumentation type A. Work-zone dimensions are 600 mm (24 inches) high x 600 mm (24 inches) wide x 900 mm (36 inches) long, and it can accommodate loads up to 600 kg (1,300 pounds).