Furnaces North America 2016 (FNA 2016), presented by the Metal Treating Institute (MTI) in partnership with Industrial Heating, is the heat-treating industry’s marquee event every other year. FNA 2016 brings attendees from over 35 states and 20 countries together for learning/training via technical sessions, business opportunities via the trade show and networking events. FNA 2016, held Oct. 4-5 in Nashville, Tenn., will provide attendees with three elements that will deliver the future of heat treating.

Learning that LASTS

At FNA, which started in 1995, the technical conference is produced by a team of heat treaters and suppliers that analyze technical presentation applications to select the best 40 sessions on a wide array of technical issues. These sessions provide attendees the latest on trends, emerging technologies and information on topics including energy savings, AMS 2750 compliance, heat-treating systems, furnace equipment, planning/modeling and maximizing productivity. You will also hear the latest developments in process technologies. Knowledge is critical to the success of a heat-treat line, and FNA’s technical sessions bring the most important topics to every show.

Business that CONNECTS

The most active part of any FNA experience is the trade show. With over 150 top suppliers in every facet of thermal processing, this is where the daily needs of heat treaters are fulfilled. On the show floor, heat treaters and suppliers connect to learn about each other, what heat treaters are challenged with and how suppliers can solve those issues. FNA’s two-day exposition is a must for any owner, general manager, plant manager or manager in maintenance, quality or production. FNA 2016 encourages companies to bring their key management team to help introduce them firsthand to the new technologies shaping the future of heat treating.

Networking is KING

At FNA, attendees experience a set of exciting social functions that allow heat treaters to connect with one another to discuss the new ideas they learn about throughout the conference. They also share their daily experiences in dealing with issues like energy, employees, maintenance, audit compliance and equipment purchases. FNA social events also help suppliers get away from the trade-show booth and listen to heat treaters’ needs in a more informal environment. This gives suppliers an opportunity to serve the heat treater better and develop products for their specific needs. 


FNA 2016 provides the learning/training, business opportunities and networking events that heat treaters need to build a bright future. Visit www.FurnacesNorthAmerica.com for more details on FNA 2016 or to register for the event.