Schuler opened a new research and demonstration center for hot stamping at its headquarters in Göppingen, Germany. The Hot Stamping TechCenter will show customers innovative applications for the future of lightweight vehicle construction. Schuler has invested approximately $7 million in the facility, which is equipped with a hydraulic press, roller-hearth furnace and automation.

In the hot stamping (or press hardening) method, sheet steel is heated to 930°C (1706°F) and cooled and hardened in the subsequent forming process. This enables the production of extremely light but highly rigid vehicle parts.

The 1,600-metric-ton press at the Hot Stamping TechCenter features Schuler’s PCHflex technology, which allows flexible and economical production of hot stamped parts. The press line is also equipped with EHF technology (efficient hydraulic forming), which reduces energy consumption.

The Hot Stamping TechCenter will mainly be used for the ongoing development of machine technology and lightweight vehicle construction processes.