Puris LLC successfully produced the largest, complex, 3D-printed titanium part for commercial use. The part was printed using ExOne binder-jetting technology and was processed to 100% density. Measuring an estimated 19 x 19 x 11 inches with a cross-section thickness of 0.375-inch, the part weighs approximately 31 pounds. The part was produced for an aerospace customer on an ExOne M-Print 3D printer at Puris’ Bruceton Mills, W.V., plant under the direction of the Puris metallurgy team.

According to Puris, the milestone was achieved by the combination of its deep metallurgical and powder-production expertise and ExOne’s binder-jetting technology.

The use of binder-jetting technology allowed Puris to print the part at room temperature, eliminating residual stress buildup and the chemical-property and microstructure changes that occur in other metal 3D-printing technologies. These are critical aspects to commercial use of 3D-printed parts, according to Puris, which has also printed large parts using Inconel alloy powder and other high-performance alloys.

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