Custom Electric Manufacturing Co. manufactures original equipment and replacement elements for heating industrial furnaces to temperatures as high as 2280°F (1250°C). Elements are available for heat-treating furnaces, aluminum holding furnaces, die-casting machines, molten salt baths and dozens of other electric thermal-processing systems.

Proven Products for Multiple Applications

The Custom Electric product line includes bayonet and immersion elements and tubes; open coil heaters; and edge-wound ribbon, ribbon and strip, rod overbend, helical coil, tubular and silicon-carbide elements. This allows Custom Electric to be a single-source supplier to MTI members as well as to customers in markets as diversified as primary metals, furnace manufacturing, energy production, automotive and aerospace.

What separates Custom Electric from other suppliers?

The short answer to this question is product-line focus and application proficiency. Heating elements have been the main focus of Custom Electric for 45 years. It is all the company does, and it is what Custom Electric strives to do better than any other company in the electric heating industry.

Few companies can match the application know-how of Custom Electric. The engineering team has more than 70 years of element design experience. It can design quality replacement elements for any thermal-processing system or develop custom heaters for new equipment and applications.

What is new at Custom Electric?

The company has doubled the size of its Wixom, Mich., plant. This translates to faster delivery because a larger inventory of Ni/Cr, Fe/Cr/Al and other alloys is stocked to support production. Other recent improvements include increasing the size of the element design group, expanding the field sales organization and automating production scheduling to accelerate order processing.

Why is Custom Electric North America’s premier heating element supplier?

No component of an electric thermal-processing system has a greater impact on furnace performance, productivity and operating costs than heating elements. Custom Electric delivers quality heating elements that last longer, lower maintenance costs and reduce replacement downtime while increasing productivity.

To support day-to-day maintenance requirements, Custom Electric also provides element and element layout upgrading support, element repair support, spare parts and furnace accessories, as well as stocking programs tailored to customer requirements.

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