London-based Lloyd’s Register launched its goal-based additive manufacturing (AM) guidance notes to industry, giving operators and manufacturers in the energy and marine industries confidence in metallic equipment and components produced using AM.

The introduction of these certification guidelines for metallic AM parts represents a move by the consulting services group, together with engineering research and technology firm TWI, to help industry harness the technology. Once deployed, AM will enable companies to more efficiently and cost-effectively manufacture complex components and equipment.

According to Lloyd’s Register Energy, it brought together research and development efforts with real-world AM practices because the technology will have a major impact in the oil and gas industry in the next five years.

Lloyd’s Register’s certification framework for AM metallic components provides a step-by-step approach to provide the necessary level of confidence, and it acts as a stabilizing force for quality and safety. The guidelines will support the long-term sustainability of the energy and marine industries.