Thermal Product Solutions received an order from a diesel-engine manufacturer to design a custom industrial oven that would remove moisture from exhaust filters after the filters have undergone an environmentally friendly cleaning process to remove particulate matter. The insulated, stainless steel and cordierite-ceramic filters are dipped in a liquid-acid cleaning solution to remove the particulates before being placed in the truck-in oven for drying at 1200°F. The Gruenberg oven features a high-volume, 18,000-cfm, compound, horizontal-air-circulation system and offers 144 cubic feet of internal workspace. It accommodates two three-tiered stainless steel hand trucks, each carrying 12 filter assemblies for a total product load of 24 filters and more than 1,400 pounds.

With a full product load, the natural-gas-fired oven ramps from an ambient air temperature of 70°F to the engine manufacturer’s chosen operating temperature of 1200°F in three hours. The filters soak at that temperature for one hour, after which time heating is discontinued. The oven then cools the product load to 125°F with the help of an exhaust system that operates at 2,000 cfm.