One alloy – RA330 – started it all.

In 1953, Rolled Alloys was founded in Detroit on the introduction of an alloy it developed exclusively for the thermal-processing industry. Wrought RA330 was a replacement for cast heat-treat alloys used in the commercial heat-treating industry.

Today, more than 60 years after its establishment, Rolled Alloys has eight locations in the U.S., three in Canada and several more across the globe. The company, now based in Temperance, Mich., serves the thermal processing, aerospace, oil and gas, power generation, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries.

Rolled Alloys inventories more than 50 different material grades. This longtime IHEA member has several types of processing available throughout its facilities, including laser, water jet, high definition plasma, bar and plate saws, shears and gauers, and others. Rolled Alloys also staffs a full-time metallurgical team that can assist with material selection in many different applications and environments as well as perform failure analysis and other testing in the company’s metallurgical lab at its home office.

In a nod to customer service, Rolled Alloys has worked to make its electronic services some of the best in the industry. The company allows its customers to quote and place orders online, ask questions via an online chat feature, check current and past orders, and receive all the provided paperwork necessary. As further proof of its dedication to customer service, Rolled Alloys released its own mobile app, raMobileConnect, earlier this year. The app enables customers to get the status of their open orders, download material test reports, track shipments, manage min/max programs and chat real-time with a sales representative.

Rolled Alloys stocks several alloys – nickel, duplex stainless steel, stainless steel, titanium and cobalt – that were either developed or marketed by the company. RA330 and RA333 were originally developed by Rolled Alloys. AL-6XN, RA 253 MA and RA 602 CA were all heavily marketed to the industry by Rolled Alloys. ZERON 100 is an alloy that was developed by Weir Materials, which was acquired by Rolled Alloys in 2008. The ISO 9001:2008-certified company stocks most of these proprietary alloys in all wrought product forms, including plate, sheet, round bar, pipe, fittings/flanges and welding consumables.

After 60 years of business, Rolled Alloys is keeping itself busy. In the past year, the company added inventory warehouses at two of its Canadian facilities. It also expanded several U.S. facilities and both its sites in Asia.

As for the future, Rolled Alloys is always looking to be in line with the products demanded by industry. If new alloys are developed, the company will always look to see how it can play a role in making those materials more readily available to the customers that need them to make their equipment. Just as it has successfully done for over half a century, Rolled Alloys will continue to grow its product line and processing capabilities to meet the high demands of customers.


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