Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. has been contracted by a Canadian-based Tier 1 automotive supplier located in Alabama to design, manufacture and commission an automated T-7 heat-treatment system for the processing of high-integrity aluminum automotive structural castings. Can-Eng was chosen for this lightweighting project because it offers inherent part-handling features that reduce floor-space requirements and energy consumption. The technology also provides predictable mechanical properties and maintains the dimensional stability of the casting. The system is scheduled to be commissioned in the summer of 2016 with a second phase to follow in 2017.

The T-7 cell includes robotic handling, a solution and age furnace with Can-Eng’s precision air-quench (PAQ) technology, and controls integrated into a Level II SCADA system. The PAQ system offers a combination of recirculating air chambers, distribution nozzles, dampers and directional ductwork.  Analysis ensures that the PAQ delivers controlled quench media to the casting, leading to repeatable and uniform mechanical properties and accurate dimensional results.