Lindberg/MPH shipped an electrically heated box furnace to a manufacturer of industrial cutting tools. The furnace, which will be used for hardening industrial-grade saw blades for the woodworking industry, is designed with a maximum temperature rating of 2000°F, normal operating temperature of 1600°F and work-chamber dimensions of 72 inches wide x 48 inches deep x 10 inches high. The design features a flow-through configuration that allows green product to be loaded on one side and treated materials to be unloaded on the opposite side.

The furnace shell is fabricated with 3/16-inch mild steel plate, and the refractory lining utilizes vacuum-formed ceramic-fiber modules with low heat storage for fast heat-up rates. The furnace has two chamber doors, one in the front and one in the rear, that open vertically away from the furnace using two pneumatic cylinders on each door. Each door has a flame curtain that provides an atmosphere and heat barrier when the doors are opened and foot pedals for ease of operator loading/unloading. Lindberg/MPH performed factory testing to verify that it met the tight atmosphere and temperature control requirements of the customer.