When Anthony Quaglia purchased Bennett Heat Treating and Brazing in 1954, the company had a handful of furnaces and eight employees. Over 60 years later, Bennett – family owned and operated through three generations – has transformed into a two-facility, 49-employee business.          

The company, which was actually established in 1923, has locations in Newark, N.J., and Ivyland, Pa. In recent years, Bennett has primarily focused its efforts on smaller lots of high-quality, specialized work.

This longtime MTI member mainly serves the aerospace, military and gear industries. To do so successfully, Bennett provides a wide variety of services, including (but not limited to): high- and low-frequency induction hardening, gas nitriding and carburizing, stress relieving, annealing, carbonitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing and normalizing.

The company performs heat treatment of refractory alloys, aluminum, copper and copper alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, tool steel,  high-speed  steel, nickel and superalloys. As its name suggests, Bennett also offers a range of brazing services, including atmosphere, induction, torch and vacuum.

One thing that sets Bennett apart from the competition is its ability to solution heat treat and age titanium. Through the use of a proprietary quench mechanism, the company can meet and exceed with 100% repeatability the aerospace-industry requirement of a 6-second quench delay maximum. Bennett also offers high-frequency induction heat treating to produce effective case depths as little as .015 inch. This is done through specialized equipment, highly trained employees and in-house tooling.

In addition to thermal processing, Bennett provides on-site inspection services (conductivity, hardness and microstructure), something the company doesn’t take lightly. In fact, Bennett is constantly searching for more accurate and repeatable equipment. After all, what good is a well-established and controlled process without proper inspection?

The company’s primary goal is to ensure all products meet customer requirements. For example, it can induction harden an 8-foot-diameter gear and quench 1,000 pounds of aluminum in boiling water. Bennett, which is Nadcap-certified at both facilities, also offers salt marquenching and austempering to produce near distortion-free parts. 

In the past year, Bennett doubled the capacity in its titanium heat-treating area and installed a new automated gas nitriding furnace. As for the next couple of years, Bennett is looking at adding another vacuum furnace as well as an automated aluminum solution heat-treating furnace. The company also plans to continue to update its equipment with the latest controls.

Visit www.bennettheat.com for more information on Bennett Heat Treating and Brazing.