Last month’s column discussed the federal government lying about employment statistics and the state of the American manufacturing economy. This lying is a national problem but is not limited to numbers being reported with purposeful error. It extends far beyond and portends further and non-recoverable national ruin. Here are some specifics, matters that politicians rarely talk about and never address in a meaningful way.

Let’s talk about illegal immigrants and what they cost. This does not address whether they should or should not be in the U.S. but the costs that are never specifically explained to the public, either as an intentional distortion or to obfuscate facts.

  • $22 billion is spent annually for food stamps and school lunches
  • $2.5 billion is spent on Medicaid annually
  • $3 million per day is spent to incarcerate criminal illegals; 30% of all federal inmates
  • $90 billion is the annual cost of welfare and social services for illegals
  • $200 billion annually of suppressed wages are lost to U.S. citizen workers

The estimated total federal cost for illegals is $338 billion per year. Politicians do nothing about spending and distort the truth about what is happening. The Administration wants illegals in the U.S. so they can vote, and Congress does nothing to address the problem. We are talking about the practice of pre-emptive surrender by both Republican-controlled House and Senate.

Let’s talk about national defense and the unprecedented rebellion by 50 military intelligence analysts who charged senior officials with distorting facts about the Islamic states’ growth and strength. These analysts went on the record in a letter to the Pentagon Inspector General that charges their “reports about Islamic State’s rise were systematically altered by senior officials to the opposite of what they meant.” This was reported Sept. 11 but really did not see the light of day in the complicit media. America is under constant and rising threat from ISIS in spite of the $17.4 billion spent in fiscal year 2015 on military intelligence programs and the $58.7 billion spent on the entire “black budget” in operations.

Let’s talk about a United Nations program that is not legal and regards resettlement of foreign nationals in America, specifically those from Islamic nations. Refugee Resettlement Watch was founded by Ann Corcoran, and she made a video to warn the public about the illegal and deceitful practice of resettlement of people from terrorist states in America. Go see it at

Let’s talk about the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) planned change from the dollar as the world reserve currency. For the last 600 years there have been six different global reserve currencies, each lasting about 80-90 years. The U.S. dollar has dominated world currencies for the last 88 years. When the prevailing reserve currency in the world changes, historically, it is because the paper “fiat” currency is perceived as no longer sound. The U.S. Federal Reserve bank has said nothing in warning. The federal debt has skyrocketed through mismanagement of government spending and is no longer sustainable. A real and unaddressed national problem is monetary collapse.

These examples are not new, and you probably never heard about them. But they are all important and examples of deceit and chicanery. Lying, by senior appointees of the Administration, to the public and to Congress while testifying is quite commonplace.

This column urges that, regardless of political persuasion or views about identifying and solving problems that appear on the “public plate,” you should insist that lying cannot be sanctioned in any form in the public sector. Further, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make a law (it already is but not in the form suggested here) that any public-sector employee, regardless of job, who lies on any topic that is debated or presented in the public venue must be fired immediately and forfeit all benefits that otherwise accrue through that employment. 

Tell your Representative and Senators to make it happen and get on with it before the people take matters into their own hands.