Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) purchased and installed several pieces of equipment, increasing the surface-treatment capabilities at each of its four U.S. locations. The Burton facility in Waterloo, Iowa, installed two new batch integral-quench furnaces, along with support equipment such as temper units, washers, transfer carts and an endothermic generator. This equipment will allow AHT to increase capacity of its carburizing, carbonitriding and quench-and-temper projects by over 40%. In addition, the company’s Monroe, Mich., site installed a new gas nitriding/ferritic nitrocarburizing unit.

AHT’s corporate headquarters in Waterloo will expand its gas nitriding, high-temperature stress relief and FNC capabilities with its recent investment in a new vessel.  A large, state-of-the-art gas nitride, high-temperature stress-relief unit has also been added to AHT’s Cullman, Ala., location. This will increase the site’s surface-treatment offerings by adding gas nitriding/nitrocarburizing, stress relief and UltraOx capabilities.