Ipsen recently shipped a horizontal-loading vacuum furnace with 2-bar gas quenching to a commercial heat-treating company in South Carolina. Ideal for aerospace brazing and other high-vacuum applications, this vacuum furnace performs distinctively well with thin-section parts and lighter pieces. It features a 36-inch x 30-inch x 48-inch graphite work zone with a carbon-steel gas distribution plenum and molybdenum heating elements and a 2,000-pound load capacity. It operates at temperatures of 1000-2400°F (538-1316°C) with ±10°F (±6 °C) temperature uniformity.

The furnace is also equipped with a 20-inch diffusion pump and Ipsen’s CompuVac® controls system. In addition, it is capable of meeting applicable AMS 2750E requirements and offers a specially engineered heat exchanger and turbine blower that is designed to optimize gas flow for more efficient cooling.