Ipsen recently shipped a vacuum furnace to Utitec’s facility in Watertown, Conn. The vacuum furnace, Utitec’s second, will allow the company to increase its heat-treating capacity and meet high demand for heat-treated work. Utitec is a manufacturer of deep-drawn and stamped components for various industries. The company manufactures more than 25 million parts per month, the majority of which require heat treating both during and after the forming processes. In 2013, Utitec purchased its first Ipsen vacuum furnace and brought its heat treating in-house.

 Both of Utitec’s furnaces feature 18- x 18- x 24-inch all-graphite hot zones – one with a 2,000-pound load capacity and the other with a 1,000-pound load capacity. They utilize gas cooling to 2-bar absolute pressure and operate at temperatures of 1000-2400°F. These furnaces are also equipped with 10-inch diffusion pumps and Ipsen’s VacuProf ® control system, which operates in 20-plus languages and stores up to 1,000 recipes.