PMF Industries of Williamsport, Pa., expanded its flow-forming capabilities with the addition of a new vacuum furnace that allows vertical heat treating of flow-formed and machined shafts up to 80 inches long. Flow-formed and machined shafts must be heat treated vertically to ensure that they remain straight throughout the thermal process. PMF is also using the new vertical-loading furnace to heat treat aerospace engine parts such as combustor cases, diffusers, seals and bearing sets. In addition, the company will use its new furnace to heat treat components for the energy sector, such as combustor cases and diffusers used in ground-based turbine systems.

 The furnace provides a clean manufacturing environment that offers uniform cooling and features a 46- x 80-inch, all-graphite hot zone with a 6,000-pound load capacity. It provides gas cooling to 2 bar, absolute pressure and operates at temperatures of 1000-2400°F (538-1316°C).