ThermoFusion has quite the origin story. Formed out of the detritus of feuding brothers-in-law, this MTI member began heat treating in 1968 in Oakland, Calif. In 1972, ThermoFusion added brazing capabilities and moved to its present location in Hayward, Calif.

In 1984, Dave Buttner, who had worked at Lindberg Heat Treating in the Midwest, joined ThermoFusion as a joint owner. Up through 1996 the company developed aluminum vacuum brazing, increased its volume of copper and steel vacuum and hydrogen brazing, and added vacuum heat-treating capabilities. ThermoFusion also satisfied its core market with internal oil-quench furnaces, carburizing and nitriding furnaces, air furnaces and rudimentary induction heat-treating equipment.

In the late 1990s, ThermoFusion opened a specific braze-only facility, AlphaBraze, in Fremont, Calif., to serve the growing semiconductor tooling and manufacturing industry. The team also expanded its reach into Nevada by opening up what would become Nevada Heat Treating outside Reno. At this point, ThermoFusion had 25,000 square feet of heat treating and brazing space in Hayward, supplemented by the additional space at AlphaBraze and Nevada Heat Treating.

As a result of the sale of AlphaBraze, the Nevada operation was spun off to the other partners and Buttner became sole owner of ThermoFusion.

Today, ThermoFusion has a 25,000-square-foot work area, which houses three vacuum furnaces for brazing and heat treating; two internal oil-quench furnaces; a parts washer; a tooling furnace; a belt furnace; 15 air furnaces for tempering; two walk-in furnaces; three hydrogen furnaces; two induction furnaces; and a salt pot. One vacuum furnace, two hydrogen furnaces, the parts washer and the tooling furnace have all been installed within the past three years.  ThermoFusion plans on adding more equipment each and every year, either to replace old, inefficient equipment or to add new capabilities for customers.

ThermoFusion has a full staff of 31 people covering three shifts seven days per week. Its roster includes one metallurgist, one materials engineer, one licensed professional engineer and two industrial engineers. Five employees have over 30 years each with the company, which is both ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C certified.

ThemoFusion serves customers from just about every industry, including medical, aerospace, defense, government, transportation, music, electronics and semiconductor. The company also works closely with universities, as well as high-tech, green and clean-energy start-ups.

The company prides itself on providing high quality and good service. ThermoFusion’s goal is to get the right job done correctly when promised.  Its success in doing so can be seen in customer-site reviews of projects including brazing and heat treating, vacuum and hydrogen brazing, induction and flame heat treating, and case hardening and aluminum dip brazing.

The future is bright for ThermoFusion. The company continues to add new equipment to provide new services and continues to grow existing business on quality and service. ThermoFusion is focused on providing faster lead times while training new employees and helping current employees grow. Its geographical territory is always expanding as it adds capabilities and as word of its shop and people spread.

ThermoFusion also has a succession plan for its emerging leaders, and the company remains committed to its local community through a variety of volunteer projects.

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