Go around the world plus three county fairs and you wouldn’t have as much fun as attending The Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change in Washington, D.C. Best of all, you can still watch it on video at www.heartland.org.

What you’ll see is both entertaining and chilling as you learn of the corruption, political chicanery and media complicity under way in the U.S. and around the world regarding climate change. As always, the two most important words of any language are “how” and “why.”

Here are some examples to consider. Conservative news commentator Mark Steyn is being sued for $10 million by Dr. Michael Mann, the climatologist who popularized the “hockey stick” pictogram displaying climate-change phenomenology, for saying his concept is fraudulent. Steyn countersued at $30 million, saying (correctly in my view and as the court may determine in the future) that his comments are within rights of free speech. Mann’s case is being financed by the “Climate Change Defense Fund.”

Concurrently, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) wants to use organized-crime law (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) in suits against skeptics of man-made global warming.  He also proposes federal taxes on CO2 emissions and has joined Senators Ed Markey (D-MA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in sending a letter to 100 energy companies asking if these firms fund “climate denial organizations.” These matters are not in Congress’ purview and overstep legal boundaries. Our nation has enough nutcases without countenancing these.

It is especially distressing to hear Pope Francis offer pontifications on matters outside Vatican authority or expertise by commenting about climate change. Being blunt, any attempt to mix political ideology and religion is not the place or role of the Vatican. It is unfortunate that Catholics must endure this pontiff’s socialist onslaughts. Further, the Pope is still human and has no idea what he endorses. Many religions and their leaders have travelled these roads, always without benefit to members of their flock. Doing the right thing is not the same as “subscribe to my instructions.”

North Carolina entrepreneur Jay Faison recently created ClearPath, a nonprofit foundation that at least has facts and balance worth viewing on its website (www.clearpath.org). Others, such as www.CFACT.org, www.joannenova.com.auwww.colderside.com and www.crossroads-summit.com, are worth checking out. Learning the facts is essential.

Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said, “A decarbonized world is now irreversible, irrefutable. We are going to do it.” She has also admitted that the goal of environmental activists is to destroy capitalism. Wonderful.

These tidbits from recent climate-change dialog give us some unseemly pictures of how issues are being addressed. It is very evident that climate science must recover its integrity to be of value to the world. How this is done depends in largest part on the honesty and knowledge of qualified people, not upon lies and smears by those with a vested interest to benefit financially or gain political power.

The climate-change movement is going to great effort and expense to:

  • Intimidate and corrupt real science                                                   
  • Coerce governments and social institutions to accept the corrupted science
  • Excoriate non-conformers and non-believers of the corrupted science
  • Purposefully distort factual information
  • Politicize educational organizations to minimize future impacts of truth
  • Create faux consensus among a bewildered public
  • Engage mass media worldwide to sell disinformation

If and when such efforts are successful, control by leftist ideologues on a broad and worldwide basis will be realized. In a nutshell, purveyors of climate change are using the issue to define and establish political and social control for changes on a worldwide basis. This is not about climate; the sun warms our planet. These issues are about political shifts and control.