Lindberg/MPH shipped an electrically heated gas nitriding pit furnace to a leading aerospace supplier. The furnace system performs a two-stage nitriding process to achieve high surface hardness on A11 and H13 steel parts. To achieve optimal part quality, the process requires a state-of-the-art operator interface for controlling process parameters and observing/archiving historical data. The furnace solution also complies with AMS 2750E specifications. After shipment, Lindberg/MPH’s service team provided installation and start-up support to ensure that the instruments and furnace were operating correctly with the atmosphere that is provided from the ammonia dissociator.

 The pit furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 1250°F (677°C) and a work chamber that is 28 inches in diameter and 36 inches deep. It was constructed with low iron brick insulation to prevent reactivity with the furnace atmosphere. An advanced system monitors and controls furnace temperature, fan speed, atmosphere flow/composition and cooling throughout the entire cycle. The nitriding gas flow control system has full automatic recipe control for each stage of the two-stage nitriding process.