Steeltech Ltd. has been an industry-leading provider of superior heat- and corrosion-resistant products for international and domestic markets since 1929.

Under the leadership of Gary Salerno, president and CEO, the family-owned and operated stainless steel foundry has been building long-lasting relationships with customers since the day it opened. One of the strategic advantages Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Steeltech has over its competition is its ability to rapidly respond to customers’ needs when they need assistance.

“We achieve this goal by having an extremely experienced staff,” said Bobb Otvos, Steeltech’s chief operating officer. “It also helps that we are centrally located in the Midwest.”

Steeltech provides roller rails, chain guides, trays, grids, radiant tubes, fixtures, cast baskets, cast link belts, furnace rolls, riders and walking beams, just to name a few products. The MTI Associate Member offers more than 75 different alloys in order to match each of its parts with the proper temperature and quench applications. 

With a well-trained staff, talented engineers and a building full of hard workers, Steeltech guarantees that you will receive service beyond your expectations. The company strongly believes, and has worked diligently, to build a team atmosphere that is fun, friendly and professional. It is a combination of these qualities that has earned Steeltech a reputation of being a “hassle-free supplier” of alloy castings.

According to Tony Salerno, director of corporate planning, Steeltech’s ultimate goal is to “exceed customer’s expectations with products and service of superior quality, unmatched performance and extraordinary value.”

Steeltech has been retaining its customers by taking the extra step to develop revolutionary products in order to maximize productivity.

“We at Steeltech understand that by offering you a superior idea – such as better heat transfer with your radiant tubes and products that increase load capacity – you will maximize your profits, which is our main objective,” Tony said.

Not only do Steeltech’s products have an increased service life, they are also engineered to be more energy efficient. Steeltech understands the importance of conserving our natural resources, which is why the company has developed products such as Alternative Energy Saving™ (AES) radiant-tube assemblies, advanced alloy furnace parts and lightweight fixtures. All of these products have been proven to reduce energy consumption and improve your bottom line.

For example, AES technology enables your radiant-tube assemblies to maintain normal operating temperatures with considerable savings in natural gas consumption. Cast-Lite™ baskets are proven to boost efficiency by more than 25%. Their lightweight design helps increase throughput and provide longer service life. Advanced-Tech Trays™ contain fewer voids and less welding when compared to the competition.

Steeltech puts a great emphasis on personal contact with its customers. For this reason, you will find that there is no voicemail or automated phone system. To take customer service to the next level, Steeltech offers a 24-hour, 7 days a week toll-free number where you can talk to a human being at any time of day or night. Simply dial 800-897-7833 to contact a member of Steeltech’s highly-trained customer service team.

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