Industrial Heating’s Buyers Guide is celebrating an important milestone in 2015. Every year for 25 years, we have provided you with the foremost information resource the industry has to offer. Although it’s been around for a very long time, at least two things about the Buyers Guide have not changed.

First, our goal is still the same – to help readers make better purchasing decisions by compiling the industry’s leading manufacturers in one issue. And, second, to provide a simple way for the reader to find the products they need and give them an opportunity to get in touch with the manufacturers they want to talk to. We can do this thanks to our dual directories.

The Manufacturers Directory provides an alphabetical listing of companies that design, build and sell thermal-processing equipment. Each company listing provides contact information including e-mail, website, main contact person, phone number, address, etc.

Our comprehensive Products Directory is where you can find the products you need and the companies that provide them. The section is broken down into four main categories for convenience: Furnaces, Ovens & Kilns; Components, Supplies & Materials; Refractories & Insulation; and Controls, Instrumentation & Test Equipment. You can begin your product search at our Product Index page, which lists every product and service in the directory by page number. This index is color-coded so that the product categories correspond with the color of the flags at the top of each page. The process is simple: find the product you want, go to the page where it’s listed and see a list of companies that offer that product for sale. You can then go back to our Manufacturers Directory to find a particular company’s contact information.

It’s all very simple, but it’s a concept that has served everyone well for two-and-a-half decades. Enjoy our 25th anniversary edition, and come back again next year!

Even though not a lot has changed with our Buyers Guide over the years, Industrial Heating is constantly looking for ways to improve. For example, our online Buyers Guide ( has adapted and evolved over the years to become a fully searchable database where visitors can update their own listing and upload artwork.

In fact, we are always creating new ways to interact with our audience. Here are some brand-new developments to keep an eye on.   

New Website Design

Industrial Heating’s website will soon have a new look in an effort to better accommodate our readers. Responsive design is a web-design process where the site’s content (including advertising) resizes, reorganizes and/or repositions itself in real-time so that it looks good to fit the screen size of the website user. There is no separate mobile site. The URLs of all pages are the same as if you came from the desktop, and all the site content is available.

Our new website simply responds to your screen size whether you are coming from a desktop, tablet or mobile device and reformats/resizes all the content to better fit your screen and optimize your viewing experience. It will read what device you are on and supply you with the best content.

Mobile App

Industrial Heating will also be releasing a new mobile app in the near future. Why? It gives you a convenient way to access our content from your iPhone, iPad and/or Android devices. Our app will include news, feature articles, The Experts Speak blog, our digital-edition archives, podcasts, videos and more.

Get Connected!

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