TimkenSteel recently opened a $5 million technology center at its northeast Ohio corporate campus. The facility gives the company an advantage in achieving clean special-bar-quality (SBQ) steel and developing new steel grades. The TimkenSteel Technology Center features a dozen laboratories, including a brand-new scanning electron microscope, an ultrasonic lab, a physical process modeling lab and additional labs where metallurgists and materials scientists can test steel and find inclusions less than the width of a hair.

The 20,000-square-foot facility, in combination with the company’s steelmaking capabilities, allows TimkenSteel to integrate learning and knowledge and achieve high levels of steel performance from the company’s new $200 million jumbo bloom vertical caster (JBVC) at the Faircrest Steel Plant in Canton. Industrial Heating will have an article in August that focuses on TimkenSteel’s new JBVC.