A precision ball and roller bearing manufacturer in the northeast U.S. took delivery of a CryoFurnace from DMP CryoSystems. This brings the number online at this facility to eight. The first two CryoFurnaces were purchased to help reduce handling costs associated with multiple temper cycles. The ramp and soak capabilities of the programmable controller coupled with the heating and cooling ability of the equipment allow for double and triple temper cycles from a single recipe. The first temper is performed, and the chamber cools to an ambient temperature and then soaks. The second temper is simply a function of the next segment in the recipe. Temperature setpoint and ramp times are adjustable for each segment. When the recipe is complete, the operator removes the load for the first and only time.

 The multiple tempers are each completed to customer specification within a known time window. Adding a freeze segment is as easy as changing a setpoint. To the controller, any temperature between +1200°F and -300°F is obtainable. The manufacturer reports that there is no need for rust inhibitors or subsequent washing because the entire process is done in a dry nitrogen atmosphere. There is no moisture to condense on the cold parts and – because the load is returned to a temperature above dew point – there is no frost or water on the floor. Onboard data recording creates a single encrypted file for the entire recipe. This eliminates errors from combining partial data from several tempers and freezers to follow the path of a single basket.